Justin Semenoff

Justin Semenoff

Welcome to the Gothic Forge, we specialize in handcrafted blacksmithing and custom metal artwork.

Now accepting custom orders!

Metalworker and Saskatchewan artist Justin Semenoff founded Gothic Forge as a way to share his love of handcrafted metal and old-world craftsmanship with others. Operating from a traditional foundry with a coal-fueled forge and 160 year-old restored anvil, Justin creates new works from old metals—gathering inspiration from materials both old and new. From early 20th century sawmill blades and railway spikes to reclaimed scrapped metal, his work puts a new “twist” on old forms.

Gothic Forge is also a family business, with pieces from Justin’s son/apprentice Levi and jewelery from his father, Les.

Contact Gothic Forge for more product information or to ask about quotes on custom fabrication and art commissions.


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